"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
By Ramzy Baroud

  • Vol 1
  • Pig Flow:This picture is about flu pandemics that increase public fear and coincidentally, profits for Big Pharma companies. Corrupt WHO (World Health Organisation) bureaucrats have connived with pharmaceutical companies to elevate the alarm status of ordinary flu strains that annually kill hundreds, to pandemic level. Thus conniving politicians can justify tapping into the public purse to buy unproven vaccines that only a fraction of people take up and the rest – because they have a limited shelf life – are thrown away. A money-making machine that American politicians have perfected by granting immunity to vaccine producers against legal action for any side effects caused by their unproven medicines.
    Pig Flow
  • HiyJacking the Postofiss: Exposing how government sells off the profit-making sections of the Post Office to private companies while leaving the unprofitable and time-consuming parts – which normal citizens rely on everyday – within the public sector. Another blatant example of corporate welfare courtesy of corrupt politicians working more for business interests than in the public good. Their tactics are obvious. What remains in the public sector will be economically run into ground before being sold off for a fraction of the real asset worth of the Post Office
    HiyJacking the Postofiss
  • XRay The Lidertees: Exploring the controversy surrounding the introduction of x-ray machine at airports. Apparently in response to several attempted terrorist attacks on airplanes, governments around the world rushed through legislation allowing x-ray machine security at many airports regardless of health fears. Not only did this increase public anxiety and anger but also the stocks of companies manufacturing the x-ray equipment. Given these x-ray machines picture passengers virtually naked, they are also an invasion of privacy and decency. Curiously, all these security lapses where strange terrorist attempts happened, ocurred at airports under the ‘watchful’ eye of the same security company.
    XRay The Lidertees
  • Laddee Lidertees: Government abuse of the justice system – now you  can be arrested without evidence and be tried without a  jury, the first time in 400 years since the last court case in Britain without a jury. 2010 became a milestone in British law gone backwards. Since I drew this picture, there have been another five cases in England where there were no jury involved.
    Laddee Lidertees
  • Harv Pay Harv the Job: Changing public opinion on unions, by infiltrating and controlling the unions themselves. This was a response to British Airways staff going on strike over working hours. Over recent years, there have been several high-profile unions losing public support which is not surprising when heads of unions are going out for meals paid by government officials.
    Harv Pay Harv the Job
  • Diktater tacks Over Electshons Puppishoow: Exposing the puppet show on BBC, ITV and Sky when the three leaders of the main parties stand up on stage and talk their socks off for the public ear. None of the audience could take part and nobody answered any  questions. 1984-style democracy in action. I wasn't surprised by this stage-managed propaganda – the US ruling elite have successfully controlled the political process and country by backing every party, regardless of their superficial ideological differences.
    Diktater tacks Over Electshons Puppishoow
  • Laber Lat for Electshon: Disgraceful how the polling stations did not allow everyone to vote and unbelievably some stations ran out of ballot  paper! Historically Labour voters vote later in the day. In African countries when this happen they just leave the polling stations open until everyone who wants to vote have done so, but the United Kingdom the mother of democracy simply shuts the door. Despite the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004 in the US, western countries insist on sending electoral ‘observers’ into countries they want to control. Hypocrisy in action.
    Laber Lat for Electshon
  • Gass Piyruts:Disaster for Palestine: a convoy of ships carrying desperately needed medical supplies and other aid is illegally attacked by Israel in international waters. The pro-Zionist media – including a shamefully, biased BBC – blames the Palestinians at every opportunity and never exposes the war crime of what actually happened on the ship. The Israelis assassinated six Turkish people from the air with murderous headshots. Why? There is a giant gas reserve in Gazan territorial waters!
    Gass Piyruts:Disaster for Palestine
  • Floting Noockler Pawer Stayshon (Noth Poll driling): A revived and confident new Russia is advancing into the North Pole exploring for oil and gas, even building floating nuclear power stations and  putting a Russian flag on the seabed. Ironic, it’s an old British Empire trick. It becomes yours if you plant a flag on it.
    Floting Noockler Pawer Stayshon (Noth Poll driling)
  • Frans Start a Gayn: The French prime minister is paying gypsies to leave one part of the EU to go to another part. Since the  Lisbon Treaty was signed and ratified, all sovereign  states in Europe became one. Therefore it is a bit like me saying to you, we don't want you in this part of the country, we would like you in the north which is against every human rights law in the international world. But then again, international law is only ever applied by the rich countries against the poor.
    Frans Start a Gayn
  • Preserdent Pechon: French national strike against undemocratic and unjust pension reform. Sarkozy illegally changed the national pension scheme against the French constitution which caused huge oppositon so the state turns to dirty tricks to discredit the protestors. Meanwhile, top union leaders along with journalists witness police posing as ‘Black Bloc’ anarchists starting riots and fires as the protests spread across the country.
    Preserdent Pechon
  • Ciber Viyrus: Iranian nuclear power station dangerously sabotaged by Stuxnet computer virus. Initially, this was widely reported on the BBC and western media. However as soon as computer experts noted the only people who could hack into a nuclear power station would have to be countries who had state resources and technological expertise, most likely the USA, Israel or western powers. Then the story disappeared…
    Ciber Viyrus

Borrington's Empiricull Almanack Vol I
he first volume of the Borrington's Empiricull Almanack, there was some milestones in this year. Firstly Swine Flu to make it a pandemic they had to lower the criteria by quite a long way to convince the idea to the masses. To the hijacking of the post office it will probably be sold by the end of 2013. Anyway back to milestones x-ray machines in airports full body scanners seeing you completely naked through to the historic court case in England without jury first time in 400 years, the BBC films three leaders of the main parties like a controlled puppet show for the a general election a couple weeks later polling stations run out of ballot papers and close their doors early. Israeli storm troopers hijacking of a ship heading for Palestine in international water, French President pays Easton eeeeeeee to leave France and finally a strike on the Iranian nuclear power station computer system which have to be done by a enemy state.

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