"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
By Ramzy Baroud

  • Vol 2
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: After the ‘Shoe-Bomber’, the ‘Crotch-Bomber’ and the ‘Ricin (Castor Oil Plant) Terror Plot’, I shouldn’t be surprised at the fiendish ingenuity of those dastardly evil-doers. Now they’ve taken that harmless everday object, the laserprinter cartridge and turned it into a deadly terrorist weapon to blow up aircraft. Curiously the story underwent at least four changes within the first six hours of it breaking. Finally international news media stated that the plotters wanted to blow up a synagogue in the USA, however over on British news, our Prime Minister declared the deadly toner cartridges were designed to explode over British soil somewhere over the Midlands. They never showed us the actual bombs which they claim were found, they just showed pictures of printer cartridges with some wires hanging off them… Hmm, must remember to re-read Orwell’s 1984 book and watch the film ‘V’.
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  • Humerberd: Without the fictional construct of fighting the ‘War on Terror’, western powers could not get away with exploiting the resources, hampering the development and depopulating the citizens of third world countries as they used to do with such relish in the good old colonial times. The WOT allows them to do all of this and more in blatant defiance of international laws. As I’ve noted elsewhere, international laws are not worth the paper they’re written on if you don’t live in the west. Hence, with barely a complaint from the ‘international community’, the murderous attacks on civilians in sovereign countries such as Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan with unmanned drones. The Hummingbird, one of the newest US drone helicopters can fly up to 18 hours and carry a number of different surveillance equipment and armoury. Civilians are getting bombed upto 2 miles away from these machines while the controllers sit comfortably drinking coffee thousands of miles away. Nowadays, nobody bothers to declare war but they can commit remote-controlled murder with impunity. All they need are your GPS coordinates.
  • Wall of Water: 11th March 2011 Somebody up there seems to have had it in for Japan – the world’s fourth largest economy – by visiting a horrifying series of ‘natural’ disasters upon it. Following a massive earthquake, a wall of water sped across the affected area wiping out everything in its path and killing thousands. The earthquake and tsunami were bad enough but then came the Fukushima Nuclear ‘Disaster’. Magna BSP, an Israeli security company was granted a contract to guard Japan’s power stations twelve months prior to the ‘natual’ disaster. Somehow the safety defences of those power stations were reduced to a predictably dangerous level. Japan upset Israel by announcing it would support the Palestinian declaration of statehood at the UN. Add to this, rumours that Japanese businesses who refused to sell Tokyo’s financial district to foreign investors would face the consequences of a HAARP-attack unleashing a catastrophic tidal wave weapon against the island country.
    Wall of Water
  • Stooden Prtest: This image illustrates the frustration of students facing crippling debt through higher tution fees, lower grants and government taxes on future earnings before  a single penny has even been earned. It’s as if the progress made in the 1960s and 70s to open up higher education to a wider cross-section of society never happened. The Con-Dem Coaliton betrayed election promises made to students ensuring the opposite – that a university education is only affordable for the rich. Education should be available to everyone on merit not wealth and it should be adequately funded. Funding education would be a better and more moral use of the hundreds of millions used to fight colonial wars abroad such as in Libya and elsewhere.   During these protests armed riot police provocatively attacked a severly disabled wheelchairbound protestor called Jody McIntyre because he was allegedly ‘rolling threateningly towards them’! He was attacked and dragged out of his chair. Not unsurprisingly, that incident sparked a riot when Jody’s brother, friends and fellow protestors would not stand idly by while outrageous brutality was meted out to him.   Other oddities were a police van, curiously left unlocked and unmanned in the main street just before the protest was due to arrive, which was predictably attacked by indignant students thus providing the Media with suitably violent headline pictures to misscharacterise what had begun as a peaceful protest.
    Stooden Prtest
  • Eve. William and Catherine: On the eve of the Williams and Catherine royal wedding Prof. Chris Knight and Charlie Veitch were arrested on thought crimes. Knight gave a street performance of the Royal family being guillotined with Veitch commenting through use of a megaphone. Because they posted this on the Internet, it does not give anyone the right to arrest them for exercising their freedom of speech. STOP PRESS There are severe doubts Charlie Veitch is who he claims to be. His later appearance on a BBC documentary discrediting the 911 Truth Movement ending with a U-Turn on his former scepticism of the official 911 story is highly suspicious. It begs the question if the anti-royalist stunt depicted in my picture was stage-managed to boost his credibility amongst young anti-establishment, 911 sceptics. Given the state invests heavily in controlling public opinion, I would not put it past them.
    Eve. William and Catherine
  • The Telephone hacking scandal is a scandal, an open secret called journalism in Britain today. Only problem, it’s supposed to be illegal. George Soros news Empire openly published an internal memo which was leaked which states that they were putting journalists into Murdochs news Empire to start a common trend of Telephone hacking. This was not reported in the main stream press.
    Telephone Hacking
  • Metropoltan Gang start riots by Assassination!: On 4th August 2011, Mark Duggan, a Tottenham gang leader was shot dead by the Metropolitan police following a fatal shot in the chest. The Independent Police Complaints Commission releases a series of untrue reports suggesting that Duggan was shot after he fired at police. They subsequently state that the bullet found in a police radio originated not from the weapon allegedly found on Duggan but from a police issue firearm. Duggan’s family march on from Broadwater Farm to Tottenham Police Station seeking information from a high ranking police officer on the circumstances of his death. What rapidly followed was anger not just on London streets but also across deprived areas of the UK. Prior to this event, PM Cameron had announced severe cuts in policing numbers, after this event, the public were screaming for more police officers on the streets. Is this what they mean by Hegelian Dialectic, you know, ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution? Think, how plausible is it that the historical party of Law and Order, the Conservatives, would downsize the police force?
    Metropoltan Gang start riots by Assassination!
  • NATO Rats Embassy: The British Government usurped the sovereign Libyan Embassy based in London and handed it over to the illegal and traitorous Libyan Transitional Council otherwise rightly known as ‘NATO rats’. The US, UK and French backed murderers, racists and reformed al-Qaeda terrorists members to destroy a prosperous country independent of ruinous western control in the name of ‘democracy and freedom’. They were even funded by illegally stolen Libyan state funds held abroad. However things did not entirely go as smoothly as planned as Gadaffi loyalist defied criminal NATO bombings and murderous traitors for over six months. This is how regime change happens today, in the name of the NATO doctrine, ‘Right to Protect’ (R2P).
    NATO Rats Embassy
  • Gold Dinar: Gaddafi was destroyed because he upset the global elites. His gold standard would have liberated Africa from the clutches of western neo-imperialism, topple the US dollar as the world’s fiat currency and enable African countries to repair the damage of 600 years of colonial rule. The Gold Dinar would have dealt a death blow to the world's dysfunctional and illegal financial system, thus transforming it into a more stable and equitable system. We should mourn his death.
    Gold Dinar
  • Dale Farm: A ten-year struggle between British law, international law and basic human rights. New British law states that travellers cannot travel as they have done for thousands of years therefore in the late 80s and early 90s they were encouraged to buy land and settle down like many did. On Dale farm the Travellers bought some land which had a rubbish tip on it and they paid for it to be removed properly and safely according to British law. However after a while they were refused planning permission and was told that it was green belt land and they should have looked in the council offices for the paperwork.   So we have a council who did use the rubbish tip for council waste which is against the law if it is green belt.   On the day of the eviction the police took over and marched in like a military operation and used electric guns Tayers which isn't allowed in British law.
    Dale Farm
  • NATO Assassination: The unlawful assassination of Gaddafi broke many international laws, a first-time in modern history that a leader of a sovereign country could be killed while flying a white flag. His convoy of 40 cars were unmistakably surrendering. More grotesque that that was the televised admission of guilt by a gloating Hillary Clinton about having had Gaddafi killed. Clinton’s presence in Libya a few days earlier clearly showed, she was aware that Gaddafi was negotiating to leave Libya if granted safe passage out. Suspecting foul play, Gaddafi refused to surrender in the middle of the night as Clinton advised him. So they came out the next day under bright sun shine so everyone can see them flying white flags of surrender, they were fired on by a US drone followed and a French fighter. If that wasn't a cold-blooded assassination attempt, I don't know what is.
    NATO Assassination
  • Gaddafi Legacy: Before NATO and the United States attacked Libya, the United Nations was going to award to Gaddafi and his Libyan Jamahiriya government for their progress on human rights in the country. This drawing illustrates Qaddafi's legacy on human rights and what he did for the Libyan people. When Gaddafi liberated Libya 40 years ago under the British puppet, King Idris, it was the poorest nations on the planet. Qaddafi managed to lift it up to become one of the richest African nations and, on human rights, levels even better than some European countries achieved according to the UN. The official humanitarian reasons why Europe and America went to war with Libya have now been proved untrue as have the accusations of massacres and human rights abuses promoted in the UN and the media.
    Gaddafi Legacy

Borrington's Empiricull Almanack Vol II
What a year, starting with the obviously fake ink cartridge bomber to the ongoing illegal drone strikes on Pakistan government. The terrible tsunami in Japan, opening on to the UK student protests, phone hacking, UK police illegally arresting on thought crimes, to the police had assassination which formed massive riots, finally in UK the attack on the Gypsy population by the British government and finally just to top that all off the British American and French coalition under the NATO on humanity reasons illegally destroys Libya and assassinate Col. Qaddafi under a white flag, "this has never been done under modern warfare"

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