"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
By Ramzy Baroud

  • BEA Vol 4
    BEA Vol 4
  • iCyber for ipad
  • Legal Medication or illegal guns
  • MP Laurent Louis
  • Fatherland gold is Coming home Deutsche Mark
  • Don't ask then we do not need to answer say Israel
  • Boston?
  • 21st Century F1
    21st Century F1
  • Militar-industrial Complex NEEDS YOU
    Militar-industrial Complex NEEDS YOU
  • one way
    one way
  • Snowden
  • Red Line
    Red Line

Borrington's Empiricull Almanack Vol IV
This year so far we have seen the American presidency pass a bill, entitled him to attack any country digitally without going through Congress. This could include taking out nuclear power stations etc.The terrible school massacre when media solely focused on guns when in fact 90% of the terrible crimes the shooter is on antidepressants and medicated drugs.

Not forgetting MP Laurent Louis a Belgian MP who explained what the elite West are doing on the rest of the world in the Belgian Parliament, a very brave man.

Through to the Germans asking for they Gold back from the USA and France, are they going to drop the euro and reform the deutsche mark!

Finally the illegal attack on a sovereign kingdom by international law by the Israeli with no consequences from the West. This is not a comment on Israel foreign policy as they do not hide what they are doing, I'm more concerned with why on the British and the Americans stopping them, we are letting them break international law and arming them with new nuclear submarines.

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David Borrington MA RCA
"All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent."  Edmund Burke