"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
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Borrington's Empiricull Almanack Vol V
This year has been quite unusual and unprecedented in the amount of rhetoric from the Western media aimed towards the Russian federation. At the same time hiding and stalling reports on paedophilia, pushing through assistant suicide bill. Supporting and facilitating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his Zionist colonial expansion plans. At the same time Russian official responses not being reported fairly, Russian government requested 10 questions which the Ukraine government needs to answer and the Ukrainian separatists which the Western powers are calling "Russian separatists" falsely reported and photographed betraying rebel leader "teddy bear trophy"where a fact in the video he laid it down and did the sign of the cross in sign of respect to all the passengers.

Sponsoring the Nazi regime in the Ukraine and in Kiev on the street they are are calling for the killing of all Jews. At the same time back in UK there is a 400% increase on anti-Semitic attacks in London alone. It looks like 100 years on we are repeating the same social engineering to divide and rule and setters up for world war three. The elites are using the Jewish population once again.

Perfectly okay for The Western governments to sponsor Isis welts they only attack Syria where they were horrifically killing and beheading hundreds of people not reported on the Western news but when some unfortunate Western journalists got caught in northern Iraq there is outrage and calling for military action etc. Doesn't matter about the Syrian Christians or the Syrian people as that is all down to the government.

Just to put the icing on the cake we had the illegal selling of the Post Office obviously under priced, no surprise there. 65 years of NATO, Italian lady had her baby kidnapped on the operating theatre by the state to a court order while she was had a little episode of mental illness whilst in England on a training exercise for easyJet for two weeks. The baby is now in British care system and the mother has no legal right to contact her child. Finally the suicide donkey, the Israelis use a donkey as propaganda to show the Palestinians lethal weapons and a justification to going to war.

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David Borrington MA RCA
"All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent."  Edmund Burke