"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
By Ramzy Baroud

Borrington's Empiricull Almanack Vol VI

Volume 6 is currently under development and this page will be updated with new artwork when it is produced.
For more information about individual prints please go to the Facebook page David Borrington

Also you can purchase a year magazine which goes along with the box set which explains all my thoughts and thinking of the events drawn in the series. Coming soon

Limited-edition etchings by subscription, if you sign up for a yearly subscription you will receive artwork throughout the year by post and your yearly subscription will stay the same price as long as you renew and after the first purchase you will receive archival boxes free with your ongoing subscription.

Current prices
first-time subscription £300
subscription renewal £250

Back issues can be purchased on a instalments basis suitable to your finances.
Prices and more information please email the studio at info@dekkle.com

David Borrington MA RCA
"All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent."  Edmund Burke