"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
By Ramzy Baroud

David Borrington

Random Check David
Traveling with Ken O'Keefe was a new experience, I was quickly associated with Ken. Traveling through the USA airports was very interesting watching the TSA agents playing FBI with their walkie-talkies etc.

The TSA treated Ken like a terrorist even there that the FBI has cleared him from any possible charge, the FBI do not know why the TSA treats him like this and they have recommended him to apply for a freedom of information act on the TSA.

The TSA was always doing random check on us and one point we were running for a plane after getting full body check and personal item check at security, I was slightly behind Ken and last to get on the plane. The TSA agent said to me "random check David"

When I landed back in the UK my electronic visa was revoked just because I was flying with Ken, the TSA do not have this authority in international law to stop someone going into the United States. It would have to be the USA immigration and if it was for a possible terror alert it would have to be the FBI or the CIA. The TSA is really a non-body just a security company at USA airports.
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions 32cm x 40cm
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David Borrington MA RCA
"All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent."  Edmund Burke