"An artistic interpretation of text, free from the confines of specific political argument or exact historical flow"
By Ramzy Baroud

Keep Calm and Carry on you Medieval Peasants
1914 Start of 25,326 souls lost per day for duration of 1461 days because of 1 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria!
"Cui Bono CHundredth monkey effect was drawn in response to the second part of the collaboration "The Walls Have Two Sides" with Aithan Shapira.

The pencil drawing is a direct response to my first wall "Keep Calm and Carry on you Medieval Peasants" and the discussions we had together after we have unveiled each other's first wall. I wanted to explore the journey which we need to take from where we are in this strange Marxist capitalist cult which they call the developed world to a point where we all can respect and live by common sense ethics.

I decided to use "M. C. Escher Tower of Babel 1928 woodcut "as a basic plane form but the ssss. By using depth and angles you force the viewer to explore the picture more and get lost in the detail and it is quite difficult to view it all at once without studying the artwork.

This is the same principle which the elites use to confuse us and gets us arguing on each sides of the tower saying that we are right and you're wrong etc. Instead of stepping back and thinking and seeing the whole picture, which unfortunately majority of us do not have time or the forethought to do so.

The journey of the hundred monkey starts at the bottom of the tower where we can see the three major religious entities, church, synagogue and mosque barely being used but at the same time we have the Apple shop and the football stadium completely packed out with people. The church is getting the lead taken off the roof but not by criminals but by wwww as the church owes it some money. Server we go of the tower we will see that the national health centre is closed but the loan shark wwww has an offer on Bupa.

All the way up the tower you can see lots of different things such as HSBC is now giving away free euros and even the Sun newspaper has a cash machine, just before you get to the first major ledge there is 10 Downing Street protected by police and all we can see around it is shadowy figures underneath curtains.

We go over the edge and revolution is starting, occupy Wall Street. But don't worry council houses are now cobble boxes and the Conservative party owns the cardboard box factory, the British library has been sold off with the National Health Service and all three are in old underground carriages and won international awards for architecture and climate change protection.

Whilst at the same time slowly getting pushed off each horizontal corners we have the corporate's with their "safe" fracking and the Royal elites on the right-hand side with their water cannons. In the main column in the middle there is all the mechanics of the realisation of contemporary reality and it is all it takes is the viewer to make the hundred monkey.

We have the power. Not them whoever they are, it doesn't really matter as we are great in numbers and growing everyday.

There is quite a lot more little scenarios happening so please enjoy exploring the artwork.
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David Borrington MA RCA
"All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent."  Edmund Burke