Globull Internashll Tescgoows

Global International Tesco’s is a prediction for the future in 2020. Consider the state of the British economy today: small independent businesses such as corner shops, petrol stations, newsagents, medical surgeries, post offices are all depleting whilst Tesco’s is growing. Now, the most recent and the most threatening to British democracy is the Tesco’s Bank.

Borrington Half-ShekelI

Borrington Half-ShekelI wanted to create my own currency because I am disgusted with the current banking system. I want to try to show how illegal and profiteering our major high street banks are.Currency is a public service to trade goods in society with a standardisation of the value of goods. You should not be allowed

Ciber Viyrus

Iranian nuclear power station dangerously sabotaged by Stuxnet computer virus. Initially, this was widely reported on the BBC and western media. However as soon as computer experts noted the only people who could hack into a nuclear power station would have to be countries who had state resources and technological expertise, most likely the USA,