Borrington Half-ShekelI

Borrington Half-ShekelI wanted to create my own currency because I am disgusted with the current banking system. I want to try to show how illegal and profiteering our major high street banks are.
Currency is a public service to trade goods in society with a standardisation of the value of goods. You should not be allowed to make money from money.

Through history there have been important milestones where the power of money has swayed between the money lenders and the citizens of the currency. There have been those through history who have succeeded in steering currency away from the money lenders: Caesar with cheap metal coins and reducing land ownership, Henry II with the tally stick leading to Lincoln with the greenback dollar, John F. Kennedy who were going to throw out the independent Federal reserve bank and most recently Qaddafi leader of Libya with a gold dinar which would have liberated Africa. So there is still hope for us yet.The Borrington Half-Shekel Stands currently at one half-shekel to £1.50 the Half-Shekel were never devalue it will only increase in value. There is only 15,000 Borrington Half-Shekel in circulation at one time, you can purchase these Half-Shekel for the current price of the exchange.