Globull Internashll Tescgoows

Global International Tesco’s is a prediction for the future in 2020. Consider the state of the British economy today: small independent businesses such as corner shops, petrol stations, newsagents, medical surgeries, post offices are all depleting whilst Tesco’s is growing. Now, the most recent and the most threatening to British democracy is the Tesco’s Bank. As you can see to the left of the image, there are coalmines, a steel industry, Cadbury’s chocolate and the High Street completely engulfed by flames. Whilst all this is happening, everybody unbeknownst to them is queuing up and parking outside the new headquarters of Global International Tesco’s, which essentially is London. The ivory towers are shooting up through the landscape without any protest or challenge from anyone.

Edition Size: 25
Dimensions: W: 66.7cm H:47.5cm
Somerset 350g paper