Wall of Water

11th March 2011 Somebody up there seems to have had it in for Japan – the world’s fourth largest economy – by visiting a horrifying series of ‘natural’ disasters upon it. Following a massive earthquake, a wall of water sped across the affected area wiping out everything in its path and killing thousands. The earthquake and tsunami were bad enough but then came the Fukushima Nuclear ‘Disaster’. Magna BSP, an Israeli security company was granted a contract to guard Japan’s power stations twelve months prior to the ‘natual’ disaster. Somehow the safety defences of those power stations were reduced to a predictably dangerous level. Japan upset Israel by announcing it would support the Palestinian declaration of statehood at the UN. Add to this, rumours that Japanese businesses who refused to sell Tokyo’s financial district to foreign investors would face the consequences of a HAARP-attack unleashing a catastrophic tidal wave weapon against the island country.