Without the fictional construct of fighting the ‘War on Terror’, western powers could not get away with exploiting the resources, hampering the development and depopulating the citizens of third world countries as they used to do with such relish in the good old colonial times. The WOT allows them to do all of this and more in blatant defiance of international laws. As I’ve noted elsewhere, international laws are not worth the paper they’re written on if you don’t live in the west. Hence, with barely a complaint from the ‘international community’, the murderous attacks on civilians in sovereign countries such as Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan with unmanned drones.

The Hummingbird, one of the newest US drone helicopters can fly up to 18 hours and carry a number of different surveillance equipment and armoury.

Civilians are getting bombed upto 2 miles away from these machines while the controllers sit comfortably drinking coffee thousands of miles away. Nowadays, nobody bothers to declare war but they can commit remote-controlled murder with impunity. All they need are your GPS coordinates.