Metropoltan Gang start riots by Assassination!

On 4th August 2011, Mark Duggan, a Tottenham gang leader was shot dead by the Metropolitan police following a fatal shot in the chest. The Independent Police Complaints Commission releases a series of untrue reports suggesting that Duggan was shot after he fired at police. They subsequently state that the bullet found in a police radio originated not from the weapon allegedly found on Duggan but from a police issue firearm. Duggan’s family march on from Broadwater Farm to Tottenham Police Station seeking information from a high ranking police officer on the circumstances of his death. What rapidly followed was anger not just on London streets but also across deprived areas of the UK.

Prior to this event, PM Cameron had announced severe cuts in policing numbers, after this event, the public were screaming for more police officers on the streets. Is this what they mean by Hegelian Dialectic, you know, ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution? Think, how plausible is it that the historical party of Law and Order, the Conservatives, would downsize the police force?