And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time, LONDON 2012

Summer 2012 and 30th Olympic Games have come to London and it has brought with it masses of blatant sinister symbolism and actions to secret societies, from Freemasonry to the big royal families. Just look at the mascots; do they remind you the all seeing eye? One even has a pyramid on the top of his head. The stadium is crowned with pyramids all the way around it, shining down on to the games. 

It tested the public reactions having military presence on mass scale in one of the main capitals of democracy in the world: the public were reassured by this and not horrified. The military is not controlled by the public. It is controlled by the same people who have just renamed the Big Ben Tower (a symbol of the people’s democracy of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) as the Queen Elizabeth II tower. I would not feel comforted, I would be concerned.

The elite families and little secret clubs have their own agenda, just look at the road names around the Olympic Park, they are all based on Jerusalem. 
Carefully look at the picture and you will see a lot more as you delve into it, this picture tries to explain lots of different ideas and thoughts around the 30th Olympics in London. Not all of them I agree with but they pose interesting ideas.Edition Size: 27/35 
Dimensions: W: 98cm H:57cm
Somerset 350g paper