iron Lady

This is my first miniature painting, I was surprised by the media bombardment of propaganda on Margaret Thatcher being so positive. When she was the lady who laid down world capitalism today. Also conveniently forgetting about the supporting South African apartheid white government naming Nelson Mandela a terrorist and working directly with Pol Pot, not

River Drelers

The River Thames and the commoners have been forced to move on to the river due to the increased cost of living but the Elite have offered them lots of wine and iPads and everyone is distracted from the extra taxes and the dire straits they are in. But don’t worry there is a payday


The war on terror in Afghanistan from the capitalist/colonial Empire invaders profiting on opium trade. The real people who have been convinced to fight are coming home in coffins and fighting for their lives against one of the most powerful war machines in history controlled from a coffee table with a iPad. The public have