Am I Not a Man And a Brother

Guantanamo Bay prison when I first saw the imagery coming out, I was horrified that the American government can be so open about treating innocent people like this. President Obama is just saying that he is going to close the camp however so far he has only close down the department which he set up to close the camp down.

Remember he is a Nobel piece prize winner and he has increased the number of illegal drone strikes on sovereign kingdom’s and US citizens.

Am I Not a Man and a Brother? Design of the medallion created as part of anti-slavery campaign by Wedgwood, 1787. I thought this words were fitting as we are fighting the same people once again and incredibly there was a black soldier transporting the prisoner, just a few generations ago
it would’ve have been his ancestors being treated in this way.

Stone Litho
Edition Size: 6
Dimensions: W: 23cm H: 34cm
BFK 250g paper