I remember my name

I was asked to be involved as a Art Editor for three poets Jehan Bseiso, Ramzy Baroud and Samah Sabawi t to create a visual art element in response to their poetry. After a while discussing the project would different possibility of artists we decided with help of the editor Vacy Vlazna it would be most suiting if I created artwork for all three poets bringing the collection of poetry together through a similar language of the visual arts.

We decided on three drawings per poet and a front cover for the book, I corresponded with each poet on individual basis making sure that I understood the poetry correctly and Vacy was always on hand for advice which was very much appreciated. I learnt a lot and it was sometimes quite difficult to research imagery and quite upsetting especially as some of these drawings were being done through the latest conflict.

However the book will be on sale shortly and all sales of the book profits will be donated to a charity for the arts in Gaza.

I would like to thank Jehan Bseiso, Ramzy Baroud, Samah Sabawi and Vacy Vlazna for all their help and advice and I hope this is a start of future projects together.