Sipere Sloop

This is my response to the news about the Swiss referendum which states that minarets are now banned from all new buildings of Muslim Prayer. It is outrageous how European governments, politicians and newspapers are not reporting fully on the consequences of this act. I have produced a Swiss cuckoo clock crammed with important symbolism to

Pig Flow

This picture is about flu pandemics that increase public fear and coincidentally, profits for Big Pharmacy companies. Corrupt WHO (World Health Organisation) bureaucrats have connived with pharmaceutical companies to elevate the alarm status of ordinary flu strains that annually kill hundreds, to pandemic level. Thus conniving politicians can justify tapping into the public purse to


This is concerned with the current problem of over crowding in the Prison system in the United Kingdom. This prison is built on a monastery where the monks are still making beer. Look at the classrooms and the fitness suites. Edition Size: 25Dimensions: W: 76cm H: 38.5cmBFK 250g paper


This is exploring the run on the bank Northern Rock in 2008 whilst also predicting what is going to happen in the future. Since finishing the print, some of the predictions have come true such as the American pyramid banking system. Edition Size: 25Dimensions: W: 76cm H: 43cmBFK 250g paper


This etching deals with big organisation pulling resources in unstable countries. Coca-Cola bottling factories are built in locations which cannot support it citizens such as India and South America. However, it is in these places where it is possible to find Coca-Cola priced cheaper than water.Edition Size: 25Dimensions: W: 76cm H: 56cmBFK 250g paper