Hundredth monkey effect

Hundredth monkey effect pencil drawing is a direct response to my first wall “Keep Calm and Carry on you Medieval Peasants” and the discussions we had together after we have unveiled each other’s first wall. I wanted to explore the journey which we need to take from where we are in this strange Marxist capitalist

iron Lady

This is my first miniature painting, I was surprised by the media bombardment of propaganda on Margaret Thatcher being so positive. When she was the lady who laid down world capitalism today. Also conveniently forgetting about the supporting South African apartheid white government naming Nelson Mandela a terrorist and working directly with Pol Pot, not

River Drelers

The River Thames and the commoners have been forced to move on to the river due to the increased cost of living but the Elite have offered them lots of wine and iPads and everyone is distracted from the extra taxes and the dire straits they are in. But don’t worry there is a payday