Ciber Viyrus

Iranian nuclear power station dangerously sabotaged by Stuxnet computer virus. Initially, this was widely reported on the BBC and western media. However as soon as computer experts noted the only people who could hack into a nuclear power station would have to be countries who had state resources and technological expertise, most likely the USA,

Gass Piyrut’s

Disaster for Palestine: a convoy of ships carrying desperately needed medical supplies and other aid is illegally attacked by Israel in international waters. The pro-Zionist media – including a shamefull-biased BBC – which tries to blame the Palestinians at every opportunity, never exposes the war crime of what actually happened on the ship. The Israelis assassinated six Turkish people from the air with murderous headshots.

Why? There is a giant gas reserve in Gazan territorial waters!

Preserdent Pechon

French national strike against undemocratic and unjust pension reform. Sarkozy illegally changed the national pension scheme – against the French constitution – which caused huge oppositon so the state turns to dirty tricks to discredit the protestors. Meanwhile, top union leaders along with journalists witness police posing as ‘Black Bloc’ anarchists starting riots and fires

Harv pay Harv The JOB

Changing public opinion on unions, by infiltrating and controlling the unions themselves. This was a response to British Airways staff going on strike over working hours. Over recent years, there have been several high-profile unions losing public support which is not surprising when heads of unions are going out for meals paid by government officials.