Telephone Hacking

The Telephone hacking scandal is a scandal, an open secret called journalism in Britain today. Only problem, it’s supposed to be illegal. George Soros news Empire openly published an internal memo which was leaked which states that they were putting journalists into Murdochs news Empire to start a common trend of Telephone hacking. This was

Wall of Water

11th March 2011 Somebody up there seems to have had it in for Japan – the world’s fourth largest economy – by visiting a horrifying series of ‘natural’ disasters upon it. Following a massive earthquake, a wall of water sped across the affected area wiping out everything in its path and killing thousands. The earthquake

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

After the ‘Shoe-Bomber’, the ‘Crotch-Bomber’ and the ‘Ricin (Castor Oil Plant) Terror Plot’, I shouldn’t be surprised at the fiendish ingenuity of those dastardly evil-doers. Now they’ve taken that harmless everday object, the laserprinter cartridge and turned it into a deadly terrorist weapon to blow up aircraft. Curiously the story underwent at least four changes