Pinocchio SAGE (Limited-edition)


Special 100 limited-edition prints 420 x 594mm on archival ink and paper £250 with a authenticity certificate.

Standard Edition 297 x 420 mm on archival ink and paper £70 Available here.


We can now confirm, the selfie purportedly taken and uploaded by a SAGE member to 10 Downing Street’s Instagram account is a FAKE. Sources at Downing Street suspect photo-manipulation by Russian hackers.

Despite appearances, the image does not depict PM Johnson, Sir Keir Starmer, Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance or Matt Hancock huddled around an 1980 BBC microcomputer in a puppet workshop conspiring with Neil Ferguson from Imperial college.

The featured books, the old school school ties and the classic Microsoft paperclip offering on-screen advice do seem somewhat true.