HMS Great Reset


Standard Edition 297 x 420 mm on archival ink and paper £70

Special 100 limited-edition prints 420 x 594mm on archival ink and paper Available here.


In the ballroom of HMS Great Reset – the most luxurious cruise liner since the Titanic – billionaire psycopaths, sorry philanthropists, are letting their hair down. Who could possibly deny our heroes a little rest and recreation after decades of selflessly building a brave new world based on ‘Sustainable-Development Goals’ and ‘Inclusive Capitalism’? And, all this for the multitudes of not-so-privileged…

A masked, one-man-band provides suitably triumphant music. Is he the conductor of events or does a higher force call the tune? Miraculously, Jeffrey Epstein has resurfaced to take care of ‘personal services’ that VIPs, especially Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Saville would approve of.

All those who matter, from the world of finance, media, technology, politics and royalty are celebrating remaking the world fit for the chosen few. The proud masters of the universe are convinced they’ve achieved world domination! But wait, why are some VIPs scrambling for the life-boats? Is it just a precaution or have they seen the iceberg of retribution approaching?