Borrington’s Empiricull Almanack

Borrington’s Empiricull Almanack and the Aggrandize Papers
BEA was founded in November 5th, 2009, as a record of world political events in the unique form of a limited edition box set of prints.

I believe ‘truth’ has to stand the test of observation, time and experience rather than theory. As of November 5th, 2010, BEA declared itself an independent authority on the Truth. Subsequently, all artwork and research bearing the label of ‘BEA approved true’ are guaranteed ‘true’ at least because it has exceeded the minimum standards of integrity displayed by the mainstream media.

Viq Ali has been involved from the very beginning of the BEA helping David’s research, discuss ideas and conceptualize his artwork into the written form. He fully understands David’s language, way of thinking and pushes his field of knowledge in wonderful and bizarre fields of research. Viq is a great friend and ally who David can trust to give his honest opinion on these difficult and complex subjects.

Aggrandize papers

Aggrandize Papers is a new element of the BEA art collection. Due to the evildoers been busy and the 24-7 news propaganda at which is unprecedented at present, I have decided to expand the box set beyond the 12 prints per year. I recently found myself wanting to draw more detailed and in-depth social and current affairs but and discovering things which I wish I have put in to previous sets and as the BEA is date related and only holds 12 pieces, I was finding the format restrictive from a creative point of you. That is why I decided to create the Aggrandize papers

Aggrandize papers is a flexible collection which allows me to add to the overall project of the Borrington’s Empiricull Almanack without effecting the clean and successful format of the BEA and for those clients who like the 12 artworks every year and wish there was more now there is in the form of this new collection.

Aggrandize papers will explore and expand on the BEA research, looking back at events in relation to contemporary issues, especially focusing on the time of the BEA has been publishing work. So you could say it is sort of a bridge between the BEA artworks and a second chance to comment on certain issues, at the same time bringing more insight and thought to the overall project. As the project is to explore and evoke the viewer and myself to think about the sorts of issues.

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