Punch & Judy

Punch and Judy 2020 and The New Normal.

2020 the unprecedented year for many, but not surprising for the few.

Throughout the year Borrington has just been watching and seeing his previous 10 years of political and social research come to fruition. Everything which the evil doers said they would do actually happened in the way that they said it would. You couldn’t make it up, everything went like clockwork.

However, Borrington always sees the light through the darkness which the opportunist evildoer generates by their existence. Fortunately, these leeches on society are being so blatant they risk exposing themselves.

The few are becoming the many.

The Punch and Judy Collection of Artwork exposes the political and social Destruction of western classical liberalism and democracy moving ever closer to a “New Normal Dystopia”.

Special 100 limited-edition prints 420 x 594mm on archival ink and paper £250 with a authenticity certificate.

Standard Edition 297 x 420 mm on archival ink and paper £70